Hello there, I'm Christa – the graphic designer and mastermind behind Nimble Kettle.

I work as a sidekick to entrepreneurs, business owners & creative teams.

After spending a few years in the digital gaming sector of Orlando, Florida early in my career, I caught the bug of entrepreneurship and discovered the traditional 9-to-5 setting isn't my scene. This led me to strike out on my own and find out what makes my soul happy.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that my calling is in bringing like-minded people together for collaboration & betterment.

My mission is to offer strategies and insights that allow organizations to make intentional decisions, actionable plans, and foster community collaboration and betterment.

I choose to work with clients that value an open and honest approach to business. Together, we can bridge the gap between business goals and customer expectations to craft experiences that delight (and convert). 

I get that a lot, and I’m glad you asked. Because there’s meaning behind the name and I would love to share it with you (though the story is probably not as exciting as you were hoping).

Can I be honest for a second? Naming things is hard. Like, really hard. And then once you come up with something that resonates, you have to cross your fingers and hope that it’s not already taken and that the domain is available.

So what do you do when everything seems taken? You word list, of course.

At least, that’s what I did. I listed out dozens of words that had some meaning to me. Then I grouped them by adjective, verb, and noun.

A bunch of failed combination attempts later, I settled upon the combo of “nimble” and “kettle.”

Being nimble means staying agile, flexible, and quick to understand. These are all incredibly important qualities for an entrepreneur and business owner to possess. It's also crucial in design.

Kettle brings with it all sorts of fun verbs and imagery – brew, percolate, pour. It’s a comfortable and warm word. And those that know me, know that I’m always holding a cup of coffee or tea.

So there you have it. That’s how I landed on the name “Nimble Kettle.”     

These core values are the filter by which I work and live. Defining these values and putting words to them took a lot of soul searching, but it was well worth the work. They help me keep moving forward and be my best self. 


Core Value NO. 1

Make every interaction thoughtful & unique.


Core Value No. 2

Make time for betterment & relaxation.


Core Value No. 3

 Be intentional with your time, talents, & treasure.