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Design & Project Questions

Q: Can I really work with my designer completely over the Internet?

A: Of course! Thanks to all the wonderful advances in technology, there's no geographic barrier to working with your freelancer. I work with all my clients primarily through email, phone calls, and the project management platform Teamwork. The result is a frictionless process with beautiful creatives. 


Q: Do you do small projects?

A: Yes, I do. Though I only take on a limited number of projects at a time, I can usually squeeze a small project or two into my schedule. For a list of offerings, check out the Services page


Q: Will I own the rights to my design once it's created?

A: Upon confirmation that your final invoice has been paid, the rights of work produced will transfer to you. If any stock photography, typography, or graphics were purchased on your behalf the copyright details will also be transferred and sent to you.


Q: How long does a design take to complete?

A: Each design request is unique, and therefore requires it's own unique timeline. That said, most projects can be completed within three to six weeks, as long as we have open communication and adhere to the plan-of-attack we create together at the beginning of your project. 


Q: What file types can I expect to receive from you?

A: This also depends on what type of work is being produced. But typically, you can expect to receive a press-ready PDF, along with a an EPS, PSD, INDD, or AI file. For larger projects, you'll also receive an Asset Bundle that will include everything you need for a successful project launch – no matter what the project.


Q: I've never worked with a designer before, what should I expect?

A: Welcome! I'm honored you chose to work with me in this creative process. First, expect to have great customer service and guidance along the way. I'm here to make this process as easy for you as possible. So if you have any questions, ask away!

Next, expect to keep the communication lines open. I keep referring to this as a process – a series of phases and steps we work through together in order to create the best result possible.

Finally, design doesn't happen in a box. Working collaboratively together, sharing feedback and knowledge openly and honestly, is how the best designs come to fruition. 


Q: What programs do you use to create your designs?

A: All my work starts with pencil and paper. But once the initial ideas are down, I use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of applications. My primary three are InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. 


Q: Are you also a print shop?

A: Nope, no print shop here. However, if your project requires printing I'll be happy to recommend a few print shops that I know and love.


Q: Can you also handle my photography, illustration, and development needs? 

A: While I always strive to make sure my clients needs are met, Nimble Kettle is not a full-service agency. I choose to work with clients that appreciate and understand my focused approach to design, making for higher-quality designs, better workflows and collaborations, and increased ROI.

I do, however, work with some amazing partners for projects that need items I don't provide. Some of these partners include Sungem, Molly Hauxwell Currier, Pixadactyl, Sarah Miller, and more. 

Billing Questions

Q: What are your billing policies?

A: Depending on the type of project we're collaborating on, your investment will be broken up into two or three equal payments. The first payment will be due by the Project Start Date, regardless of day. Each subsequent payment will be due before the next project phase can begin.

If, for any reason, you cancel the Project, the initial deposit payment will be kept by Nimble Kettle. Unless otherwise agreed, if a payment is not received by its respective due date, then work shall cease, and any work produced remains the copyright of Nimble Kettle LLC. 


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes. I accept either check or all major credit cards. 


Q: I have an ongoing need for design. Do you work with clients on retainer?

A: Absolutely! Let's chat about your specific needs and see if we're a good fit. Bonus! Retainer clients receive 20% my regular prices, if they sign a 12-month contract. 


Q: Should I really spend my money with just one person, instead of going to an agency with an entire team?

A: Great question! There are pros and cons to working with both solo designers (or freelancers) and full service agencies. Here's a few things to consider when deciding what's right for you: 

  • Freelancers specialize in their chosen fields (in this case, graphic design) so you know you're getting the best service possible. Agencies on the other hand have many people that are good at what they do, but they likely wear many hats and may not have the deep understanding that a solo designer brings to the table. 
  • Freelancers tend to be more flexible, have faster turnaround times, and are more responsive than agencies. 
  • Freelancers are much more budget friendly, whereas agencies are typically better for more established medium and large businesses. 
  • One-off projects are great for a freelancing specialist. But if you have ongoing needs, or a whole suite of items that need to be addressed, you may want to consider going with an agency. 


Q: I'm just a small company, can I really afford to work with you?

A: This question is very subjective, but I keep my rates competitive and would love to chat with you about your project to see if I'm the right for your needs.


Q: I want to pay as little as possible for my design. Are you a good fit for my project?

A: Probably not. I keep my rates competitive and fair – to both you and myself. Creating a custom design, no matter the project, takes time, talent, and experience. There's value in having an expert design your collateral, website, or create your visual brand, and that value comes with an investment.


Q: Are there any extra, or hidden, charges I should know about?

A: Depending on your project, you may have to pay for a website domain, website hosting, or additional design graphics. If any stock photography, specialty typefaces, or other unforeseen expenses arise during your project, you will be responsible for an additional investment. Don’t worry, you’ll be made fully aware of any purchases made on your behalf, as you’ll have to sign-off on them first. 


Q: Another designer quoted less than you. Will you match their price?

A: Sorry, but this one is a no-go. Every designer bases their rates on a number of factors including experience level, expertise, location, client base, and more. I am happy to chat with you about your project needs and provide you with a proposal with everything you can expect in your collaboration with Nimble Kettle.

Questions About Christa

Q: What made you start Nimble Kettle?

A: After working as a marketing and design specialist for full-service agencies, I found that I wasn't able to provide my clients the level of expertise and time they deserved. With too many clients on our plates, we did our best to accommodate, but in the end I felt that I could do serve my clients better as a freelance designer. 

After my husband and I moved to Michigan in 2015, I thought it was finally time to make this new business official. And so Nimble Kettle was born. 


Q: What is your favorite thing to work on?

A: This is a seriously tough question. My favorite projects are the ones where I'm able to fully collaborate with my client. You have so much knowledge and years of experience that can't be matched, even with the best research effort. Can you tell, collaborating is my happy place?


Q: Besides working with clients at Nimble Kettle, what else do you do?

A: Oh goodness, lots of things! My husband and I have a bunch of ventures that we're cooking up. I'm also the Chairperson for our local young professionals group Thrive 45 and a contributor to the Petoskey News-Review and The Graphic's Foodie Column.

In my downtime I love spending time napping in hammocks, biking, boating, and checking out new restaurants. I also love spending time with my hubby, two aussies, and spending time DIYing our first home. 

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Since you work as a freelancer, can I contact you anytime?

A: Within reason, of course. I make myself available between 10am and 4pm (eastern time), Monday through Friday for client calls. If you're unavailable during those hours, I'm happy to set up a time that works for both of us. 


Q: My startup doesn't have a large budget to work with, but we'd really like to work with you. Will you work for equity?

A: This answer really depends on what you need done, and what type of startup you are. But nothing is out of the realm of consideration – so contact me and let's chat.


Q: Who are some of your collaboration partners?

A: I work with a number of different partners, businesses, and fellow solo creatives to ensure that all your needs are met. Here are a few:



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